TIM Plus


TIM Plus is a simplified version of our TIM Enterprise product. It focuses on the needs of small to medium enterprises. It provides a single, unified management and reporting interface for up to 400 users on up to five PBXs.

Using a simple, intuitive, cross-browser compatible web interface, TIM Plus shields the user from the underlying complexity of its powerful call processing engine and multitude of modern features.

Start Small

Out of the box, the standard configuration allows you to log up to 100 users on up to five PBXs. The initial capacity of up to 100 users can be spread in any configuration across these five PBXs with NO site license fees.

As you expand, upgrading is easy, simply purchase additional capacity in blocks of 100 users.

If you expand beyond 400 users, we offer a refund of TIM Plus when upgrading to TIM Enterprise.

Log Up To 5 PBXs

TIM Plus can log call data from up to 5 telephone systems without requiring any site licenses. You can use a single PBX to serve all of your sites or a range of PBXs from different manufacturers on each one.

We even provide generic tariff tables for every country to cater for those of you with offices in other countries.

Intuitive Reports

The advanced reports on TIM Plus allow you to drill though complex data in seconds, translating it into invaluable business information. Reports contain clear intuitive graphs that quickly summarize call patterns. All graphs and reports are interactive, allowing users to quickly source more detail on any particular area of concern by using the drillable hyperlinks or clickable headers.

Everything's Included

All features come as standard. We don't restrict access or features so as standard you get: access to all reports, unlimited web users, email alarms, no restriction of the number of concurrent users, unlimited displayboards, generic tariff for any country.

Dispaly Boards

Unlimited Display boards are included as standard. All boards are completely customisable and can contain call data as well as feeds from external systems.

Add Voice Recording

Add Echo call recording and TIM Plus becomes a fully-integrated, comprehensive call recording platform with high-end features such as audio encryption, PCI-DSS compliance tools and agent call performance scoring.