Wallboards (commonly referred to as display boards) can be viewed from any device with a web browser. They come as standard on both TIM Plus® or TIM Enterprise® As you would expect, the filter feature is more advanced on the Enterprise version.


Display boards allow you to display up-to-the-second information. These display boards can comprise of one or more types of panels, Label, Leaderboard, Summary, RSS and Web.

How Much Do They Cost ?

There is no cost for adding display boards in TIM Plus. You will however have to provide the physical screens unless you just want to access purely from your web browser.

Unlimited Display Boards

TIM Plus/Enterprise does not place any limit on the number of display boards you are allowed. You can even set up more than one display board for any specific area of your organisation


A number of templates are supplied as standard to allow you to create display boards in seconds. All templates can be edited and changed to allow you to customise any board.

Stats Points

Display boards are populated by 'stats collection points' which can be placed anywhere in your directory. Their placement determines the scope of the statistics from which they collect. For example, you could place a stats collector inside a site or group.

How Quickly Are They Updated?

Call processing is lightning-fast so calls are displayed as soon as they’re finished. This immediate visibility of relevant call data combined with the ability to order results based on any criteria allows for effortless, effective management.