The reports that come with TIM Plus or TIM Enterprise are incredibly easy to understand. Information is summarised using clear, simple graphs and tables. These are completely interactive allowing you to reorder and drill up and down through information in seconds. TIM software isn't just about collecting call data; it’s about allowing you to consume it easily!

There are 20 reports that come with TIM Plus / TIM Enterprise. Each one can be run for any part of your organisation, filtered by any criteria you choose. Although the Enterprise version has an advanced filter feature.

As well as the sample of 9 reports below the system comes with Call Geography, Call Volumes, Frequent Numbers, Inbound Call Performance, Top Calls, User Activity, Account Summary, Call Scoring, Random Call Selection, Unused Devices, Phone Bill.

Enterprise Overview

Allows you to see call summaries for each call type, inbound, outbound and missed calls for all of your organisation or for any particular group or section.

My Call Analysis

Breaks down your working day into half-hour segments and details important information about your calls. You get a clear graphical representation of how many outbound, answered and abandoned calls you've made.

Daily Activity

Provides a summary showing the total volume of all inbound, outbound and lost calls for each day. It's ideal for identifying call volume trends, and very quickly highlights your busy days, allowing you to more effectively plan your staffing requirements.

Custom Report

If you're looking for very specific types of calls then this report allows maximum flexibility. You specify your search criteria from any of the fields available, including CLI and LCR codes, to narrow down your search and quickly find the information you're looking for.

Busy Channels

This report allows you to break down each business day into half-hour periods, showing the maximum and average number of telephone lines in use in any particular half-hour.

Missed Calls

Analyse your missed calls in more detail to see which callers have and haven't been responded to,results are arranged into two sections, 'Missed' and 'Handled', showing calls that were never responded to and those that were.

Target Response

Allows you to define your own target response times and quickly assess how your organisation, your departments and even individual users meet these pre-determined target.

Subject Access Request

For compliance with local data protection regulations, this report provides a journal of all calls to and from a particular person's phone number, with the ability to destroy all such records, including their associated voice recordings.

Busy Times

Provides a clear, hour-by-hour graphical representation of your call volumes for each day. Drill down into any hour to see a detailed breakdown of calls by type for that hour.

Report Formats

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Report Delivery Methods

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