TIM Enterprise


TIM Enterprise is an award-winning call logging and analytics package, designed specifically for larger organisations.

It's a true enterprise solution, allowing you to handle the more complex call routing and handling often found only on larger or more complex sites.

Regardless of how your business is structured, whether it's a large centralised site or an entire network of interconnected sites spanning the world, TIM Enterprise provides a single, centralised facility that allows you to manage your communications infrastructure more effectively.

Intuitive Reports

The advanced reports on TIM Enterprise allow you to drill though complex data in seconds, translating it into invaluable business information.

Log Multiple PBX's

TTIM Enterprise logs call data from any number of telephone systems without requiring separate site licenses. We don't care if your estate has a range of systems from a number of different manufacturers. Of course, if you're using a single, large PBX to serve all of your sites, we log that too.

Note: PBXs from different manufacturers can all be supported on a single Enterprise system.

Unlimited Hierarchy

The entire system is built upon a unique objects-based directory that places no limits on hierarchical width or depth, meaning you can faithfully recreate your company's actual structure. With unlimited directory objects (users, extensions, channels, trunks, PBXs) you can faithfully create your directory structure, with as many PBXs as you like.

Directory Synchronization

Synchronise with third-party systems e.g. Active Directory or Cisco AXL for easy setup and ongoing synchronization. This removes a large portion of initial set-up and administration time when a new system is installed.

Virtual Groups

The system even allows for a special type of virtual container, known as a Reporting Collection, whereby disparate users or groups of users - from anywhere in your organisation - can be classified into a single container for reporting purposes.

Dispaly Boards

Unlimited Display boards are included as standard. All boards are completely customisable and can contain call data as well as feeds from external systems.

Mobile CDR Billing

TIM Enterprise users don't just have extension numbers - they have mobile numbers too. We can process carrier-provided mobile CDRs in the same way as standard PBX CDRs. Simply add the mobile phone number as another property of the user!