• Plus

    Standard Call Logging
    Up to 400 Users

    TIM Plus is a simplified version of our TIM Enterprise product. It focuses on the needs of small to medium enterprises. It provides a single, unified management and reporting interface for up to 400 users on up to five PBXs.

    Maximum 400 Users
    Maximum 5 PBX's
    Fixed Directory Hierarchy
  • Enterprise

    Enterprise Call Logging
    Unlimited Users

    TIM Enterprise is an award-winning call logging and analytics package, designed specifically for larger organisations. It's a true enterprise solution, allowing you to handle the more complex call routing and handling often found only on larger or more complex sites.

    Unlimited Users
    Unlimited PBX'S
    Unlimited Directory Hierarchy


What is
Call Logging ?

Every time a phone call is made to or from your organisation, a tiny log containing information about the call is produced by your telephone system.

Call logging is the collection and interpretation of these logs and the subsequent statistical presentation and reporting of them.


Advanced reports on Plus/Enterprise allow you to drill though complex data in seconds, translating it into invaluable business information.

Reports contain clear intuitive graphs that quickly summarise call patterns.

Accessible through any standard web browser

All interactive reports, live statistics and voice recordings are accessible through any modern web browser from any device with no need for additional client software.


Design your own live display boards.

With up to the second call statistics in a visual wallboard style display.

Schedule reporting and email alerts

All reports can be automatically scheduled to email, daily, weekly, monthly.Email alerts can be set up to trigger as soon as a call goes above a certain duration, cost or to a particular number


Log and record calls from a single phone system with a handful of extensions, to a global infrastucture of hundreds of PBX's with tens of thousands of users.

      Product Comparison

Feature Plus Enterprise
Runs As Windows Service YES YES
Maximum PBX's 5 Unlimited
Maximum Users 400 Unlimited
Database Native MySQL, MSSQL, Native
Database Integration NO YES
Call Recording Upgrade Option YES YES
Advanced Filters On Reports NO YES
Advanced Filters On Wallboards NO YES
Concurrent User Access Unlimited Unlimited
Wallboards Unlimited Unlimited
Report Delivery Methods Email, File Email, File, FTP, HTTP Post